Visualizing Your Wedding

July 2017

An article aimed at soon-to-be brides to help them organize an overall vision of their wedding without the help of a wedding planner.

Forty-Eight hours to Experience Ireland’s Past

August 2012

This is an article I wrote for a traveler curious about Dublin.

A Knee In Need--Arthroscopic Surgery Can Help

March 2014

A light-hearted piece describing knee surgery and what to expect.

Graphic Design Illustrated

March 2014

An article describing the graphic design industry and a graphic designer's responsibilities.

Short Fiction

Hitting Hard

September 2012

A couple becomes pregnant unexpectedly and struggles to decide what to do next.


November 2012

An woman discovers a new freedom in her old age.

Short Scripts

White Walls

October 2011

A hurricane Katrina survivor gives a short monologue about her experience.

The Watch

November 2011

A grandfather helps his grandson cope with the loss of his father.

Academic Writing

Comparing Beowulf Translations

September 2011

In this paper, I compare an excerpt from three different translations of Beowulf. My point is to show how greatly translation effects a reader's experience and understanding of the text.